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Stop the massacre of emo and LGBTQ youth in Iraq.

Since February 6th, between 56 and 100 young people in Baghdad have been kidnapped, tortured and murdered for being emo or LGBTQ. This must stop.

Emos have been targeted in particular. Emo, which is short for emotional or emocore is a US originated hardcore punk-rock music that appeared in the 80s attracting mostly teenagers.

Both groups go against the rules of the Quran, which states that a person who kills people like this will go to heaven.

The police and Iraqi internal ministry have ample evidence to arrest the individuals responsible, but they are doing nothing to stop them, in fact they are positively encouraging this barbaric practice. These people have no voice and no freedom, and if nothing is done they will also have no future.

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  • Director of Community Police of the Internal Ministry
    Colonel Mushtaq Talib Mohammadawi

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