Cancellation of examination and General Promotion of all Students this year

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Due to CORONAVIRUS so called COVID19 Pandemic, all the respective students of NIT RAIPUR of all the branches are completely stuck at homes, this had vastly affected the studies of all the college students this cause a distraction in there studies as well. A lot of things going on and the students may not be able to cope up with exams even after the opening of the college because many students have forgot there books, copies and notes at hostel rooms including there Laptops hence accessing even the online content is not possible. As the internet utilisation has increased amid this pandemic resulting in slow internet connectivity and many of them going back to there villages after the vaccations announced which be completely unjustified with all the students, this is not just about those who have forgot there study materials but who have been quarantined or suffering from COVID-19, many cases have been witnessed positive again after there previous negative testing which shows that virus is really strong and no parents will consider this right to risk there children's life for just exams, if anything happens the complete responsibility will fall on the College and it's examination committee. Keeping all this requests on top priority we the students of NIT RAIPUR kindly request you to cancel the examination and assign grades to students on average from there previous semester grades. Any miss-happening can lead to disastrous happening. 

Kindly consider this situation and take nessecary decisions at the soonest.


Thanking You