Concerns regarding Online Exams and appeal to promote students on CPI basis (8th Semester)

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Respected Sir,

First of all I as a Final Year Student of NIT Raipur would like to start by appreciating the commendable work done by our administration in timely reacting to this Virus outbreak and ordering Evacuation of Hostels and Extending Mid semester breaks much before the the Nation wide Lockdown was announced. It is due to this decision by administration we all were able to reach our homes safely much before the lockdown and there was no instance of student left stranded, the administration deserves lot of praise for this timely made decision. Also the recent decision on online classes and pro active measures to cover for the loss of classes is highly appreciated. As a student of NIT Raipur we feel blessed that in the time of this distress our Director is leading the battle from front and is more worried about the future (jobs) of the students than student themselves.

The announcement made by Director Sir that NIT Final Year B.Tech Students will be getting their results before the mid June is not only comforting for those holding placement offers but also shows the the Institutes resolve to go beyond convention to safeguard the final year students interest. The single announcement has done away with all the worries and given confidence to all the final year students about their jobs and future which until then was looking very cloudy. However sir there are few issues that still pertain and needs to be addressed. The chances of offline exam at this situation looks very bleak and as stated by Director sir to balance it Online examination options are being explored. On one hand it is really a great initiative but there are many issues that needs attention. The issues are as follows-

1)Sir since many of us went home packing essentials for 3-4 days of holiday during mid-semester break and hence most of us do not possess our laptops which is essential for appearing in online examinations. Also sir we don't have our books or class notes along with us as they lie in our rooms in Raipur. Due to this we think it would be unfair to many if an examination of writing a subjective paper online or an MCQ is conducted.

2.) As most of us are living in not so digitally evolved areas of our country, most of us do have an internet connection and even if we do, it's very unstable because of various policies telecom companies took because of the pandemic setbacks. To substantiate my argument i put forward a fact that the Avg internet speed per user in India went down by around 10% during lockdown due to increased traffic.

Due to the unavailability of reliable internet connection, we think an online examination with stipulated time limit will create unnecessary hassle and all of us do not feel confident and comfortable to attend this type of examination.

3) So as online examination seems like a distant possibility and even if it is conducted, we'd like it to be one in which we receive the question paper digitally and then answer it in our homes and upload the answer sheet like it's done in few of the NITs and IITs in our country.

4) Also we'd request you to see that any decision regarding examination won't affect our placements, because most of us having joining dates in months of June and July, and we wouldn't want to waste an opportunity like this especially in these hard times of recession because our degree was delayed and the companies preferred to graduates from other colleges. Also there are many students holding off-campus placement offers their interest also need to be looked after. 

5) Many students also have Interview Scheduled for admission in higher study courses. Therefore it doesn't seem feasible to keep them hanging.

6) Use of Unfair Means in Online examination is also matter of concern. It will be injustice to the students who have worked hard for previous 7 semesters if any other student scores more using unfair means. Checking of UFM is practically impossible in Online Examinations. 

7) I assume that Almost 99.99 % of student holding placement offer does not have any backlog in any subject, as almost every company don't allow students with back log. So the Student having backlog in previous semester can appear in backlog exam after the institute opens along with regular examination of junior students.

8) The Most important of all point is that many companies are going ahead with idea of virtual onboarding and may soon ask employees to join the company from June End by this Virtual onboarding scheme. Many students placed in such companies stand to lose if timely action is not taken and provisional Degree is not allotted. 

We understand the gravity of danger COVID-19 has caused and the challenges that the administration is facing to facilitate smooth graduation to final year students with saving the placement offers being top priority. Looking at many issues that may arise in Conducting Online Examination including Financial Burden I propose you to instead Promote/Pass all the students in 8th Semester on the basis of past year performances. CPI of the student can be used as basis for preparing the result for the 8th semester. Or Any other Statistical method as deemed suitable by College Administration may be opted.This method seems to be fair and is acceptable to each and every student.

We are on the verge of upcoming recession that may lead to revocation of job offers and job losses. By Declaring results by mid June, We have first mover advantage as  the students of NIT Raipur will be made available for joining the companies at earlier than student from other institute. This first mover advantage will help in securing the jobs of NITRR Students.

I hope that Administration will seriously consider the suggestions made and will step up as Guardians of the Interest of the Students.

Thanks and Regards

A Common Student of Final Semester B.Tech, NIT Raipur