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Removal of re-registration of subjects

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MIT Manipal came up with a new rule in 2014 of re-registration of subjects if you fail the respective subject. This rule was made in thought of benefit of students. But, unfortunately students are not getting benefited by this and it is just causing more and more back logs for them.

Under this rule if your re-registered subject clashes with your lab, you need to drop the lab and do it sometime later in vacations. Also, you again need to maintain 75% attendance and repeat the sessionals as well. All this is just resulting in students having a hectic schedule where they might have to study 7-8 subjects in a semester, give sessionals for every subject and also maintain the attendance. 

As a repeater, the student tends to focus on the re-registered subject more and which further causes him/her to suffer in regular subjects.

Before this rule came into practice there was a rule of just giving the end semester exam next year of the subject you failed. This rule also no doubt has its cons that students might not remember everything as they are not in touch with the subject but this issue is still curable.

Students who re-register and then due to so much pressure fail again in regular or re-registered subject just fall into a loop and are never able to focus on anything fully. 

Its our humble request to the authorities that they kindly look into this matter and get the previous rule back into practice.

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