Sir, We Have Integrity!

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Dear Director Inch,

As employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, we have the right, per the Master Agreement, "to bring matters of personal concern to the attention of any management official, any other branch of government, the congress and any other authorities."

Sir, we want to respectfully inform you that your message which calls into question the integrity of the men and women who work for the BOP was very distasteful and disrespectful. For someone who has never worked behind the walls of a federal prison within this system, your message was very out of touch. We challenge you to work in a Special Housing Unit or walk in our shoes before questioning our integrity. We're sure before you learned the new term of "banging in," you learned the terms "augmentation" and "mandated." When staff are being augmented and mandated and run toward the emergency, where is the appreciation for that? Instead, during turbulent times such as these, you patronize the use of earned and well deserved benefits.

We are sure, through your career, you have earned the benefits afforded to you due to your service to our country. We thank you for that service. You deserve every benefit you receive and more. We are also sure, as a war veteran, you capitalize on the use of your benefits, whether it be through healthcare or compensation of some sort. Here, we also work for our country, many of us (nearly 30%) are also military veterans, through civil service and you question the use of our earned benefits. You say there is no integrity.

After days of having feces and urine thrown at us, we simply suit up and return. Our lives are threatened daily. We tell our families that there is always a chance we may not come home and yet we still do the work that is required, day in and day out. Is that not what makes up our core values? Is that not integrity? Even you, sir, stated that it was counseling that has gotten you through stressful times. Yet, we can not use our earned time to decompress without it being scrutinized or examined in a negative light.

You have yet to find time to motivate staff, thank them for their service, or cheer them on in the right fashion. However, you have found time in your suit and tie, behind a desk, in an office, where the threat of danger is absent, to criticize.

This is disheartening to say the least. We look to you as leader to have balance. While we accept corrective action to make us better, we also would like congratulatory recognition and positive reinforcement when deserved. However, in all aspects we deserve to be respected. The work we do is of service to the public and the standard we are held to as law enforcement officers is high and deserving of the respect that we have earned through the work we do. We, Sir, believe that an apology is in order and we hope that you can see things from our perspective. Hopefully, this opens the communication barrier and allows for positive dialogue.


BOP Staff

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