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Studying in MITS has been a bit difficult due to lots of anomalies in the way our College is running. Even the first year students say so.

Well, only we can change that, lest Divine help befalls us! But that's impossible.

Rashtraay, the official street play team of MITS, formed to strive for change, will take your stand! A simple step being, this petition.

1. Parking

A) Paid parking: MITS is our college. Each student pays a big fee. But still we have to pay for parking in our own college.

B) Change in the place of parking: There is discrimination in the parking positions for the faculties and the student.

C) Students have to pay RS. 250 per semester for parking.

2. Canteen

A) Unhygienic kitchen conditions are to be dealt with! Many students suffer from stomach upset after eating canteen food.

B) The canteen washroom is very dirty! It is impossible to go there for relief!

C) Renovation of canteen is required. (many windows can't be opened so renovation is required; exhaust fans are a must! ; Curtains should be put up on windows to ward off heat; water cooler should be cleaned and maintained thoroughly) 

D) Maintenance of electrical equipments is required ASAP! Fans and coolers do not work! So, it's impossible to sit in the canteen comfortably in the afternoon and summer season.

E) Good quality food should be guaranteed to us!

3. Library

A) Course books should be enough for each and every student at any point of time.

B) Seating arrangement should be proper. Availability of sufficient tables and chairs in good condition should be available to seat all the students.

C) Library should be air conditioned.

4. Classrooms

A) Seating arrangement is again the issue!  I there should be​ availability of more chairs and tables according to strength of class. Also, chairs and tables are mostly wrecked. They should be changed or repaired!

B) There should be more fans & lights in proper working condition.

C) Ducts should be connected and proper ventilation should be done in the classes to avert blast furnace weather conditions of Gwalior!

D) Chairs for teachers should be available in each and every class.


5. Water cooler

A)There are only 7-8 water coolers in the whole campus. Many more should be available in good working conditions.

B) Water should be available 24/7 in the water coolers.

C) Servicing and maintenance should be at regular intervals. Purification is almost negligible in many coolers.

6. Washrooms

A) Proper cleaning of the washrooms should be done. (very much needed for hygiene) There should be dustbins in every washroom.

B) Mugs should be available at each washroom.

9. Effective notice board

A) Students are very less aware of the activities, ceremonies and any other important programs and functions happening within the college. Notice boards should be effective and available at more premises within the campus. Notice boards should have information about each and every activity of each and every club in the College.

Well, here are the points covered in our petition! 

If you agree with us, sign up!

We can surely bring the change most of us desire for! 

We, the Rashtraay team members, are with you! 

                   - RASHTRAAY, MITS, GWALIOR

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