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Director John Morton , President Barack Obama, Secretary Janet Napolitano.: STOP THE DEPORTATION OF LUIS FERNANDO CORTEZ-BRACAMONTE

On October 26th, 2012 the life of Luis Fernando Cortez-Bracamonte was dramatically changed. He was coming from taking his children to school. As he arrived where he lived he saw someone running to him, and he felt fear and did the logical thing of trying to escape, what he did not know was that ICE officers were searching for a fugitive. Regrettably because Mr. Cortez-Bracamonte is an undocumented immigrant, he was taking into custody and he has been placed on deportation proceedings at the Stewart Detention Center in Georgia. He has three beautiful children, who were born here in the United States. His wife and children fully depend on him. He has not committed a serious crime, other than making the mistake of acting on a fear reaction. We are imploring for all of you to STOP THE DEPORTATION OF LUIS FERNANDO CORTEZ-BRACAMONTE (A-205672726). Please have mercy on someone who has never been convicted of any crime. We are imploring that this family is not separated. This family has been suffering enough after Mr. Cortez-Bracamonte was taken into custody. They have been evicted from their home, and now suffer from not being together. Please reconsider this case and have mercy on this family. We as a community implore you for your mercy and stop the deportation of Luis Fernando Cortez-Bracamonte.

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