Not using packed boys hostels as Quarantine Shelters in IET Lucknow

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The packed boys hostels in IET Lucknow should not be used as quarantine shelters for COVID-19 patients. This increases the risk of contamination, as well as this is a intrusion into privacy of the hostellers. Also, the different valuable things of the students kept in hostel are at risk. Along with laptops, devices and books, students have their documents and certificates kept as well. Also, the students do not have the exact inventory of the things kept there. In case of any loss, who'll be responsible? Even if the goods will be kept at safe place, who'll take the responsibility of the handling? 

However, if the administration proceeds with vacating of the hostels, and in case any belonging of students goes missing, and the administration couldn't take responsibility or couldn't remunerate for the loss, we will be obliged to take legal action against the authorities responsible.