Condemn the UP police brutality in Sadaat Hostel & Demand strict inquiry against police.

Condemn the UP police brutality in Sadaat Hostel & Demand strict inquiry against police.

2 January 2020
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Director General Of Police and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amreen Farooq

Respected Sir, 

On Joining the force our police take oath to protect each citizen but In this 21st century police is acting as goon and showing their power and force on children.

"Surasksha apki Sankalp Hamara " is remained as jumla in this government and police is taking law and order in their hand.

In our country where we consider children as another form of God, but with change in time and dynamics of the country children were divided and seen as religious individuals. 

Children of Sadat hostel never thought that they have to face such brutality by the police in their own country. In our country we talk about children's right and their development on large scale despite signing UNCRC. Children of our country has suffered from abuse at multiple times, but this time our police which is the authority to safe those children done such horrific crime in the madarsa where orphan children. Minor children were beaten with sticks by the raiding police. Most of the children sustained Fractures, Injuries and Rectal Bleeding. They were forced to kneel down against the wall and what not they have suffered whole night.

I request you sir to take strict action against the official involved in this horrific incident happened with children.Please Set up an inquiry board against all the officials.

We are the world’s largest democracy. This kind of behavior by our police is unacceptable. And the buck stops at the Director-General of Police (DGP).

Sign this petition asking the DGP, OP Singh, to step down and for the police personnel who broke the law to be punished.

We as citizens cannot afford to stay silent.

Please sign this petition condemning the violence unleashed by UP police on children of and demanding that the DGP step down.

We need signatures to show that Indians are united against police brutality on children and we won’t remain silent anymore! Sign and share this petition to add your voice against police brutality. 

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Signatures: 73Next Goal: 100
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