Get rid of most infamous Examiner (Mr.Chandana) & save Sri Lankan marine engineers future

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This is to bring your attention into that the Sri Lankan sea fearers have been victimized due to the actions of Merchant shipping division. Significantly the engineering department is being severely affected due to actions of single person who is handling the entire examination process. It is sad to see despite of many requests and complains, Director General of Merchant shipping is not keen on taking any actions.

Presently Electro technical officers & ratings that have completed approved courses are unable to obtain their COC/COP as they are not passed during the oral examination. Because of this they have become unemployed & suffering with financial issues.

Class 1 chief engineer candidates who have passed written examinations are unable to obtain their COC as they are not being able to clear oral examination. During 2017/2018 thirty six appeared for the written exam & twenty five people passed the written exam. Out of twenty five only five candidates have been cleared the oral exam & obtained their COC for the entire two year period which gives a passing rate of 20%.

Class 2 candidates are facing the same scenario & class 3 students are also having a difficult condition of obtaining a COC and join a ship.

This is due to present examiner Mr. P.V.T Chandana who is holding the position of examiner of Marine engineering at Merchant shipping division. He is trying to maintain a fake standard with his own will by failing candidates during their oral examination. We can be sure of his method of examination as he has no intention of passing a candidate even though the candidate has a good knowledge. This person uses a method of twisting the candidate with his confused way of presenting questions and without letting the candidate to answer the question properly he will start a cycle of questions based on candidate`s answer where he will trap you somewhere , then dig & bury the candidate with no mercy. Also he will make candidates mentally down by keeping them entire day out of his office without completing the oral at single session. This entire system is out of standard & corrupted. As of this presently people are not even willing to try the oral examination as their time is wasted because of no expectation of clearing oral exam.This person is mentally retarded who enjoys making others suffer.This has been evident from his past that onboard himself has been beaten by others due to his actions.Also recently he has been beaten by his own batch mates during a batch get together.Thus Mr.Chandana is not suitable to hold a position as an examiner at Merchant Shipping of Sri Lanka.


Also lot of seafarers now being forced to go to Singapore, New Zealand & UK to obtain their COC. We are being victimized & feel disappointed by actions of this person. Young seafarers are scared of entering to careers at shipping as they are not sure of clearing exams or going up the ladder with promotions. Any organization if can conduct a survey based on this will be able to find the drastic reduction of the numbers of both new joiners & also the passing rate of class 1, 2, 3 candidates.

Quoted from STCW Manila amendments 2010 resolution 12 , Attracting new entrants to, and retaining seafarers in, the maritime profession.

“RECOMMENDS that Administrations, shipping companies, ship owner, ship manager and seafarer organizations and any other entities concerned do their utmost to promote among young person’s a career at sea and to retain existing seafarers within the industry by:

.1 engendering a more favorable public perception, in particular among young people, of the

Maritime industry;”

It is obvious that this idea is entirely lost & Sri Lanka as an administration has failed to achieve above and made to a joke by this person. As the Director General is not keen on taking an action we, severely victimized seafarers of Sri Lankan shipping community urge your international intervention to give us some hope. We have already spent a lot of money & wasted time for exams and deserted with no hope of a glancing career.

Request all the international organizations to look into this matter & take appropriate actions to solve the injustice caused by this process.