Rationalise Airline Ticket Cancellation Charges

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Airlines are Fleecing Travellers, by charging Cancellation fee, which amount to 106% of the Base Fare or more.. They are refusing to even pay back the Taxes collected from the traveller, which dont stand payable to the Government, since the ticket itself is cancelled. This is a blatant rip off and attempt to profit at the expense of the common traveller, by misusing the position that the Airlines hold. It is not possible for a common man to approach the Consumer Forum for a collective cause, where the Airlines are profiting beyond imagination on the pretext of cancellation charges, whereas its a clear case of them resorting to unfair means to earn profit at the expense of the traveller. 

The DGCA needs to fix Cancellation Fees at a reasonable level and also ensure that Taxes collected are not usurped by the Airline, but are refunded back to the traveller.