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Jet Airways 9W 2738 from Bangalore to Chennai has compromised on the airline safety on 14-April-2017 during the flight took off from Bangalore at 18.35. The flight was scheduled in the sector Madurai-Bangalore-Chennai, and the flight had severe heating problem(as communicated by the airline staff AC Failure) during the flight from Madurai to Bangalore. However without rectifying the snag, the airline allowed boarding from Bangalore and took off to Chennai. Soon after the take off from Bangalore the cabin heated up again and temperature was more than 40 to 45 degree (if we keep a plastic paper it will melt).

All the passengers on board was scared and don't know what is happening, they started pressing the help button, since the flight not reached the altitude and the seat belt sign was on, no attendant came nor any announcement or update from the Pilot made the passengers more worried and horrific. One point in time we felt the cabin will blast and passengers become more panicky. Then  the flight attendant started attending to the help calls further they might have informed the pilot and they made a general announcement as some AC Problem. However the Individual AC vents were working and heat was coming out from some other source along with some burning smell etc made us having a terrible experience in the mid-air.

If Jet Airways could have been addressed the problem they had while flying between Madurai-Bangalore they could have avoided horrific experience we went through in the mid-air on Bangalore-Chennai Sector. This shows how poor quality of safety standards are followed by Jet Airways and playing with the life of public life. Also the ATR aircraft they operate between these sectors are old aged aircrafts which is service for several years and in poor conditions.

We want the authorities to take appropriate action against the airlines and the respective personnels responsible for this near miss major mishap and playing with the life of people like us for their commercial benefit.

PLEASE ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.......................

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