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Dear Sir,

I am starting this petition because i faced this situation and i hope many air travellers also might faced this situation.

Few days ago i booked a flight to Bombay on an app and by mistake i clicked the wrong date and for changing the date to next day i had to pay 2500/- as change and correction fee however i paid the fare difference along with Rs: 2500/- it is legible to pay the difference in fare but i feel it is not legible to pay 2500/- as i am not cancelling the trip only change in date was happened in my case.

Cancellation charges are also very high in domestic sector operators are collecting 2250/- for cancellation. This also need to be looked into and take necessary action. I feel in our huge populated country and a rapid growth is seen in aviation where i feel that cancelled seat will be occupied by another passenger. 

The simple solution for this problem is cancellation charges should vary according to departure date , when operators issue sale tickets for cheap rates so many common people plan their travel but in some unfortunate incident they might not travel or cancel their tour in such cases operators should consider and give refund.

Cancellation charges must be in descending order to travel date and charges should vary.

Name correction also should be allowed on ticket without any charges. So many reforms were taken in railways by former railway minister and now aviation minister.

Sir please look into these issues and take necessary action.