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Immediate cessation of nonchalant response to Emergencies by medics in public hospitals

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It's lamentable! So many lives lost. Mostly people who could have been useful today. All because of the nonchalance to treating patients by most medics in Nigerian public hospitals. Several authorities have admonished health care providers to treat persons with severe [gun] wounds and accident victims before demanding police reports. However the old routine is still in place. Physicians in public hospitals are often not available to attend to emergencies or delay unecessarily before responding to such cases. A good number of these medics have little knowledge of, and cannot effectively deliver, ER techniques and CPR (ABC). A close relation suffered symptoms of stomach obstruction (with severe abdominal pain & constipation) and was taken to a local hospital. No doctor was available to attend to him for over 9 hours! One of the nurses told him to recline on a bench in the hospital's OPD. Hours later, severe complications and sepsis led to his demise. The Federal Government has to establish a law to exterminate this policy. Whatever be the case, priority should be given to saving lives before any other security demands. Evil feet in cuffs do not fly! We need ER facilities in hospitals. We need an emergency response number (112/199). We must save lives. Please support to end delays in healthcare delivery.

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