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Social Media Awareness at Schools / College / Corporate levels

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Social Media Awareness Sir / Madam

Prevention is much better than Cure .. !

Pls carefully listen to AP DGP Mr. Samba Siva Rao words on Social Media menace ..!

Social Media Awareness is only solution
Creating Social Media Awareness at school / Organisations / Colonies / home ( if the parents capable ) is the only best solution available which will mitigate the problem to some extent ..!
In these contemporary modern times of information and technology, most of the students who are very active on the social media platforms such as Whatsapp / Instagram / Facebook do not really know the reason why and what for they are using the social media.

This will be resulting in a state where they lose time consciousness, which ultimately will affect their studies / day today curricular activities.

This also results in loosing creativity and levels of concentration on the educational matters / subjects / disciplines and money as well.Some times, this might even lead to illegal love affairs,marriage frauds,molestation,cyber bullying,money extraction as well as offences like rapes and murders as they become friendly with stalkers and predators of social media,knowingly or unknowingly on these social media platforms thus becoming more prone to some of the above said social discrepancies off late...!

If such things happen due to the negative social media usage / influence / negligence of a particular person and if it happens to be a student who studies at your esteemed educational institutions, unfortunately the society blames the institutions rather than looking for the core reason behind that unscrupulous incident...!

Prevention is much better than cure .. !

To prevent and control such incidents which can happen in future, a little awareness can help the students to understand the reality of the social medianegative impacts well in advance.. on a real time ground effectiveness... !

We have addressed / interacted with thousands of students and staff at various institutions, including Hetero Enamax , Institute of Management and Technology - Hyderabad Trailer blazer event , JNTU- Anantapur and IMPACT.

We are ready to conduct a helpful interactive awareness session on the topic "Negative impacts of social media and how to use it in a positive and effective way" which can be helpful to prevent / overcome its bad effects on students / children / youth.

This interactive session / workshop can be programmed at all educational institute's premises, 

Let's initiate and help the students to become more responsible citizens of this country...!!!

We  have conducted more than 80 Social Media Awareness sessions and have been doing it @ Schools / colleges / corporates ..!
Reach us ( Madhava Reddy P) on 9490244255 

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