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KEEP OUR TEACHER IN THE CLASSROOM! - Mrs. Mistic's 2nd Grade Class @ Mendel Elementary

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I have just learned that our second grade teacher, Mrs. Chelsea Mistic, is being replaced. I am beyond disappointed with the simple disregard that this situation shows toward our children. She is a certified teacher who was given two days’ notice to turn a storage closet into a classroom. I have seen her at the school for countless hours after the bell has rung preparing lesson plans for this class. She brings such a positive attitude and enthusiasm into this school.

Mendel administration told the parents that the approval for an additional second grade class was given moments before the rosters were released as a result of “families PCS’ing in and student enrollment packets being submitted late”. I felt hopeless and defeated. I turned in my child's enrollment paperwork on time, so why was she dumped into a class with a substitute? Why is my child’s education any less important than every other student at Mendel Elementary? And then, to my surprise, we get this really phenomenal teacher that knows her stuff from teaching stateside. Like a gift from the God's, a little glimmer of hope in this frustrating situation at this oftentimes challenging duty station. 

As military families stationed overseas we don't expect a lot of continuity. Doctors, dentists, commanders, co-workers, friends come and go in an environment where we have no familial support outside of the home. We are each other’s' families. We share some of our biggest moments with people who were but strangers when we all arrived in Japan. Consistency in the classroom should be a priority!

I am failing to understand how people outside of our Yokota community make all of the decisions without reviewing all of the facts. Decisions that affect our children's education, well-being and our community’s overall morale.

Please help us take a stand to support our fight to keep our teacher!

The SOLUTION IS SIMPLE...DoDEA Pacific needs to reassess what our school’s best interests are and regenerate the list of qualified applicants, where Mrs. Mistic's name can be found.

This is not the first time this type of situation has arisen. Going into our third school year here at Yokota, I have seen the same thing happen time and time again. If we don't take a stand it will continue to happen. I just want my child to receive the best education the DoDEA school system can afford her. I want every child and parent assigned to this classroom to matter. I want Mrs. Mistic, a dedicated teacher and qualified military spouse, to matter. I do not want to see our children get passed around from teacher to teacher when this situation is completely preventable.

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