Scribe activity as a community work for the students.

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Every year hundreds of Visually impaired students appear for examinations and they need some special facilities like scribe to write the exam as a compensation to their disability. But arranging scribes for such large number is a difficult task for volunteering organisations considering the time, distance and availability of volunteers.

Considering the long term solution, the best way to sort out this task is by connecting the nearby college students to volunteer as a scribe. This could solve the issues with time and distance. 

Since UGC has formulated guidelines to adopt CBCS regulations in all Universities, if so the students are allowed to opt this as Co-curriclar activity under the segment Community work  and they would be eligible to receive the credit point of 50 points. This would help the student in bringing the concept of social responsibility and would help him with credit points from academics point of view. This may help the volunteering organisations to increase the strength of scribe volunteers.

Let's put our eyes for others use as well.

#Be a scribe, be the eye to the blind. 

#Help the VI's to achieve their goals.

#Its our civic sense.