Remove the word 'Community' from McAuley Community School

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The decision to include the word “Community” in the name of the new school has been met with overwhelming negativity by the parent body, and community in general. To date, feedback has been ignored.

We are formally requesting the Catholic Education Office, in partnership with Bishop O'Kelly remove the word 'Community' from the title of the new school.

Community is one of the most valued aspects of St Teresa – and the undersigned would prefer that priority be given to supporting measures that enhance community values (rather than use the word in the title where it takes on a different meaning.)

We, the undersigned, do not support the name as it stands and propose a range of alternative options below.

Catherine McAuley School

McAuley Mercy School

McAuley Catholic School

We care passionately about the new school and want to ensure it has the best chance of success.