Arrest the rapist mafia of Pollachi , 275 girls affected.

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My heart bleeds for my Pollachi .The home of innocent affectionate agrarian community , the paradise and pride of Coimbatore district , Tamilnadu, alas ,it is in the news for a horror story ,an organised crime syndicate against vulnerable young girls and women operating efficiently for the past 7 years . 

The tip of the iceberg was first glimpsed through the complaint of a bold victim , a young girl whose family was naturally threatened. 

It is not an isolated simple rape case , but an organised racket. A Young girl or a family woman is trapped thro false social media ids and subtly lead to the belief of a love story.   The girl or woman trapped is then invited for personal meeting and  to farm houses , gang raped and beaten. It does not end there. House wives are similarly trapped .Women with LGBT inclinations are also lured.

 It is all video taped and used as a blackmail tool to surrender for future abuse, extract jewels and money. 270 and odd young women thus exploited. ALL SILENCED BY THE SOCIAL STIGMA IF THEY CAME OUT INTO THE OPEN. 


Action needed 

1 CBI enquiry by team led by an IPS OFFICER with a track record of not submitting to political pressure

2. Get to the leader of the gang not just the end perpetrators. What else happened.  

3 Supreme Court bench to examine the case 

4 RTI all aspects of the identities of the mafia members. No revealing the identities of victim  or videos of the incident. It is sad that some media have  been voyeuristic and has released a video. 

5. Capital punishment for organisers of such crime syndicates. 

6 counselling services for affected victims. 

7 preventive counselling in educational institution. 

8. Social media vigilance by cyber crime. 

If we take this lying back as it happened to someone else’s women folk , these evil men will knock every door.  Especially if they escape, they will become bolder and get more fearless. 

The enemy is within also not only at the borders. Crush them.  

Please sign this petition to protect women.