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Stop Unwarranted Harassment of Genuine Direct Selling Companies

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An estimated 5 million people in India are involved in the Direct Selling industry that generated about INR 7926 crores in 2016 (WFDSA Report). The industry is expected to touch INR 64,500 crores by 2025 according to a report by international accounting firm KPMG India in partnership with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

Also, a state specific report by KPMG about the industry in Kerala estimated the market to have generated close to INR 700-750 million in 2014 and with projected revenues expected to reach about INR 18-20 billion by 2025. The growth in this market since establishment has been attributed to its high literacy rate, increasing per-capita incomes, urbanisation and consumption-oriented population.

Kerala also holds the distinction of being the first state in India to recognize the potential of the direct selling industry to contribute to the local economy and provide opportunities for self-employment and women empowerment by regulating the industry with the issuance of the Kerala Multi-Level Marketing (Control and Regulation) Bill, 2013.

 Kerala took steps to regulate the industry, even before the Ministry of Consumer Affairs issued model guidelines for the industry in 2016, leading the way in recognizing the economic power of the direct selling industry.

 Given these positive developments and the steps taken by legitimate direct selling companies to comply with the regulations, it is surprising that genuine direct selling companies and their distributors are currently under attack in Kerala.

 An example of this are the recent untoward incidents in terms of unwarranted harassment (including imprisonment) and other related investigations into QNet, a leading Asian direct selling company, and its independent representatives have severely impacted and shaken the confidence of all genuine direct selling companies in the state.  QNet, which is a member of DSA Kerala through its Indian franchisee Vihaan, has complied with all the regulations of the Kerala MLM Bill and has also been playing an active role in the Direct Selling Association of Kerala towards creating awareness and advocating for ethical practices in the industry.

 We come together today as the main industry body for direct selling in Kerala, to petition the government to create a safe and conducive environment for genuine companies to operate in the state. Kerala has taken the lead in endorsing the direct selling industry and pioneering the first state legislation in the country, helping thousands of local entrepreneurs build a sustainable business. We urge the government and the authorities to crackdown on unwarranted and motivated campaigns against genuine companies that are in full compliance with state regulations

Please sign this petition to help:

1.Urge the media to stop publishing misleading reports tarnishing the reputation of genuine direct selling companies.
2.Request the Government to provide protections to genuine companies who have complied with all local regulations from unwarranted harassment.
3.Channel all complaints against any direct selling company to the relevant consumer court instead of the police.

Direct Selling Association of Kerala(DSAK) 

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