Direct Air India flight from Copenhagen to Mumbai/Delhi

Direct Air India flight from Copenhagen to Mumbai/Delhi

4 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kanwaldeep Batra


There is no direct flight from Denmark to India. At present one needs to take at least one halt to reach India with a minimum flight time of approximately 12 hours. There used to be a direct flight by Air India from Copenhagen to Delhi taking 7.5 hours before pandemic.    

The direct flight needs to resume:

Copenhagen - CPH to Delhi - DEL/ Mumbai - BOM  Nonstop flight on  Air India/ SAS, with onward connections on local carriers (SpiceJet, GoAir, IndiGo, Vistara, Air India) to other States

The flight could leave around 7 PM from Copenhagen and arrive the next day around 7 AM IST giving plenty of time to clear immigration/customs and catch any of a plethora of morning flights to other Indian cities. 

Why is Copenhagen the departing city?

Denmark has around 30,000 Indians, and the majority is based in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is geographically advantaged as other cities in Denmark and is well connected to Aarhus and Billund by road and air.

With the Green strategic partnership between India and Denmark, a direct flight from Copenhagen to either Delhi or Mumbai will ease travel for business meetings and help corporates to get closer to India.

Companies like Maersk, Vestas, Ramboll, Novo Nordisk, Saxo Bank, Danfoss, FLSmidth among many others, that have a strong base in India, a direct flight will further enhance the opportunities for expansion and growth on both sides.

 With the facts above, Copenhagen to Delhi/Mumbai direct flight will surely have fan followers. 

Why Delhi or Mumbai as the arrival city?

Delhi is the Capital State of India and other small towns in nearby states. Few hours of Flying will take most of them to their home. Mumbai is the financial capital of India, closer to other major cities like Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and rest of South India.

Other than that, people from neighbouring countries like NEPAL, BHUTAN, PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH can easily travel to their destinations from Delhi. 

There is a very good chance to get a full plane this way. The route is shortest to Delhi which means no transit is required in other international cities. Travel time can significantly reduce jetlag and parents or people with disabilities can fly without any issues. Also with great onward domestic connections from Delhi as well as Mumbai, people can “fan out” in the most efficient way with 1-3 hours maximum further flight to the other States. Most importantly some Airports offering NO FEE for landing and parking for direct flights to Europe. 

Why Air India / SAS?

Air India and SAS are reputable national carriers and have had direct flights to India in the past. So they have the experience and historical knowledge of these routes. Now with more travellers on these routes than ever, it is a golden opportunity for them to restart their direct flights to India.

In summary, this should be a no-brainer for Air India / SAS:

(1) Air India / SAS NON-STOP is an untapped market currently “owned by” Emirates/ Qatar/ Lufthansa/Finn Air/Air France with one or more stops through Dubai/ Qatar/ Frankfurt/Helsinki/Paris. If these packed planes are any indication, there’s 100% plenty of market share to be had.

(2) The route is comfortably in the range of their beautiful, new Dreamliners 

(3) With DEL/BOM welcoming direct NON STOP long-haul flights.

(4) With the international terminal there are enough arrival and departure facilities to make this happen.

(5)Tourism opportunities- Once the borders open it will definitely attract more tourists to Copenhagen / India.

The more number on this petition will definitely help to better explain this petition. Please sign this petition and let’s all push hard to make this happen. Thank you!

A comfortable, direct flight to Delhi/Mumbai without stopping in Europe or in the Middle East.

It's time that Indians in Denmark can travel to their home airport without stopping in a foreign country.

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Signatures: 3,520Next Goal: 5,000
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