Mary Kom for Bharat Ratna

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Courage, hardwork, Devotion, Dedication , Perseverance and many such adjectives would fall short to describe the ' Magnificent Mary'. India has been blessed with some great sportswoman likePT Usha, Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza but there is no one like Mary Kom. She is by no means smaller than Dhyanchand or Sachin Tendulkar because of the struggles she has had.

Being a woman did not deter her concentration in any way. Yes she has claimed about corruption, about molestation but .Mary Kom had big dreams and was willing to conquer society and change Orthodox  conventions, in order to fulfil them.

Mary has become a six time World Champion. She has been as dominant as anyone in the boxing arena for the last two decades. Yet we haven't heard anybody talk of #MaryforBharatRatna.

We will keep the political interference out of this. We all know how the political parties glorify their nominees and treat India's highest civilian award like a petty tool. Even in sports, a clear bias exist. We are always too busy to applaud the Tendulkas and Milkhas but fail to show the love and support our woman athletes deserve.

There have been many challenges in Mary's life but every time she has come out as the triumphant winner and inspired millions of girls around the world.

Admire her for her Dedication or envy her for her records but you just can't overlook her. If she decides to sell the Gold and silver medals she has won she would become a billionaire overnight. But she doesn't need the money, she deserves something more bigger and previous than that.

Mary's gold at New Delhi has fastracked her into the league of greatest Indians. But the time has come to reward our true Ratna with the 'Bharat Ratna'.


Your sincerely,

Dipak S. Pawar

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