Police shooting at Tuticorin

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The Pearl City of Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin was facing so much issue with Sterlite Factory by Vedantha groups. There were many controversies since the factory setup at 1994. Recently the factory has announced the expansion of doubling its capacity. So people of Tuticorin started to protest in a peace manner for 99 days. On 100th day, Section 144 was imposed with no reason and violence was stirred. The peace protest has turned out as riot. Police has taken a solution of shooting without following any of the guidelines of riot laws. Police shot 12 people above the waist especially in chest, head, mouth and ear. Police has not given a proper statement regarding the shooting order and also never alerted public regarding shooting. Also police used snipers to kill target that seems to be suspicious. The Victims include  young and teenage boys and also teenage girl who was just 17. This is highly violent that government killing its own citizens and naming them as mob. Please consider this issue and truth has to be brought out. The young souls has to rest in peace and government is answerable to them.