Get toxic chemicals out of child care programs

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Each year, more than 6 million babies and toddlers go to child care centers, Head Start programs, and family child care programs in the U.S. Child care providers should be able to take care of young children without worrying about whether the products they use contain chemicals of concern for children's health.

Getting Ready for Baby is a campaign to ensure all baby and toddler products are made without harmful chemicals. Our goal is to help keep toys, cubbies, and nap mats made with chemicals of concern out of the hands of our kids.

Excelligence Learning Corporation is the owner of retail companies specializing in child care products like Discount School Supply, Really Good Stuff, and Environments. Getting Ready for Baby started this petition asking Excelligence to step up and ensure the items its companies make and sell - like toys, cubbies, and nap mats - are free of harmful chemicals. We need them to go beyond the legal requirements alone and establish forward-thinking policies.

Your signature can get these companies to stop using harmful chemicals. Don’t think that your support won’t matter. People like you took action and got major companies like Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Walmart to respond.

Chemicals in toys, cubbies, nap maps and other products made for child care programs can contribute to learning and developmental problems, asthma and other breathing problems, weight issues, and even cancer, as children get older. Retailers target these products to child care programs all over the country.

Walmart and others stepped up and started by prioritizing categories of product to review. They created lists of chemicals for product makers to avoid. And they did all of this with a spirit of openness and transparency. Now it’s time for Excelligence to do the same.

If you agree that Excelligence Learning Corporation can help parents and child care providers protect their children’s ability to learn and thrive, please sign and share this petition today.