Objections to the housing development of Glebe Land in Long Itchington

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Residents of Long Itchington wish to express their objection to any further housing development within their local, rural community - in particular, the potential expansion of Model Village all the way up to Leather Street, as well as the stretch of green fields between Leamington Road across to Marton Road.

We all urge the Diocese of Coventry not to sell off the Glebe Land for any development purposes whatsoever. According to the Long Itchington newsletter, the local parish church, Holy Trinity, is known to be strongly opposed to potential large developments, and is showing its support by making an additional objection direct to the Diocese.

As one resident said "We will cease to be a village..... the beautiful village we all know & love. Surely the attraction of Long Itchington is as it is now .....a beautiful, relatively unspoilt village..... but I feel this is being pushed to the limit and much more growth & development will ruin it forever - we will become a town, when we all chose rural life!"

We urge everyone to express and register their objections via this petition.