Swampscott residents want to know where the sales from popsicles at summer camps have gone

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As some of you may be aware . there are some issues regarding funds from the sale of popsicles at the summer camp programs in our wonderful Town of Swampscott. We would like your support ,as a community , to come together and demand to see where our funds have been going for years. Recently residents have come to us regarding their children paying a $1 a day per child per popsicle at the summer camp programs here in town. Some even bought a couple a day.  We have contacted the Ethics Commission regarding getting proof or documentation of these sales ,as well as from our Treasurer,  Mr. Mendes. The outcome was that there is no proof , documentation or deposits from these sales. Some of you told us you thought it was going into an account for supplies. Well ,unfortunately it is no where to be found. We would like answers on these funds. Also , I have descriptions of a staff member involved and described by several children and when I went to our Town Administrator he said "I'm not taking a bunch of kids information on this" So if our children were hurt by an individual, do we as parents disregard our child's description to identify the person involved? I believe a child is perfectly capable of  pointing out an individual!

I just want to give you an example of how much is unaccounted for. If you take lets say 200 children per day , per camp day , at $1 per sale that is $200 a day ,$1000 a week ,for 7 weeks at least that is $7000 . Now I don't know how many children are enrolled , but I do know some bought a couple a day. You tell me isn't this enough information for you to sign this petition? All this money could go along way if it wasn't missing. I also believe our town can afford to give our children a popsicle to be included in their summer camp program with no fee attached. Wouldn't it be nice if all that money that was collected every year went to a student for a  scholarship? Please help us provide transparency on this matter and sign our petition .

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