The Macon Telegraph Needs to Refocus and Bring Back Local Writers

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The Macon Telegraph needs to refocus and bring back local journalists/columnists.

Long before I was an educator, my background and schooling was in journalism. I love writing. I read many posts on Facebook about problems at the Macon Telegraph, which use to employ one of my favorite professors from Middle Georgia State University that inspired me to get a degree in journalism.

During my recent unwanted and insane splash in the news, I walked into my local convenient store every day fearing I would see the worst picture of my life and an incorrect horror story plastered in my local newspaper – a source of information that my MeMaw <3 and PaPaw <3 lived by!

BUT IT WAS NOT!!! (My grandparents would have never known about my hell.)

Once my personal “HELL” storm died down some, I realized -  not that I wanted anything published about me  -  but my drama was LOCAL news and the Telegraph did not mention one word of it. My drama had nearly 1,500 social media shares and 900 shares on incorrect facts followed by hateful and hurtful comments. But that let me know, people in MACON were interested in what is going on in MACON. (Click HERE for my drama)

Then, I thought to myself, “Dang BJ! It might have been good for the Telegraph to have posted the story correctly. Then…just maybe… your parents and students wouldn’t feel the need to defend you as much on social media OR maybe the rude comments people make when you are out in public just might happen a little less often!”

So, my soapbox and purpose for this petition is so that Macon can have its long-time trusted source of local information focused on what us “Macon peeps” like to read about and who we want to write it.

And I must be honest and transparent as always and admit… I REALLY LIKE GETTING IDEAS FROM MARK BALLARD’S COLUMN. Most of my projects turned disasters that I have started during my extra free time around the house came from him!

- Robert “BJ” Shepherd 

P.S. – If you do bring local columnist back, HOW DO I APPLY? … I might need a job! :-(