Physicians for Preserving Central Virginia Training Center

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Dear fellow physicians,  

As you know, the Central Virginia Training Center is slated to close in 2020. I wrote a letter in the March 29 News and Advance regarding the recent death of Tyler Bryant, a longtime resident of CVTC who was forced out 2 months ago and subsequently died. The closure has moral, ethical, and economic impacts on our community. I feel we must do more to try to save CVTC from closure and to prevent the predictable deaths which will follow. 

As providers, we have first-hand knowledge of the severity of the residents' conditions and  the excellent care which can uniquely  be provided at this facility. It has come to my attention that the state may now keep  2 centers open.  If you believe as I do that closure of CVTC amounts to liquidation with certain loss of life and that CVTC is uniquely qualified to care for these patients, I ask for your support by signing this petition to keep CVTC open as a viable option for our most vulnerable patients. 


Michael Diminick