Demand an independent investigation on Spanish police violence the 1st of October

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On February the 3rd, the European Commission in response to a question from a Member of the European Parliament (Jasenko Selimovic), refused to demand Spain to conduct an independent investigation on the police violence during de independence referendum in Catalonia. In an attempt to not to get involved, the official answer from the EC representative Dimitris Avramopoulos was that it is each member state who is responsible for safekeeping the fundamental rights of the EU citizens, granted by the various EU charters …unfortunately, that rather poor answer from the EC, not only abandons de Catalan citizens in the hands of the Spanish violence, but more important, it sets a precedent that endangers every single citizen in the EU and even puts in jeopardy the current situation of peace in the continent.

Let’s analyse the messages that answer conveys and their consequences in our society:

  • Whatever the EU charters may say, the EU is here to protect the governments, not the citizens: when there is a conflict, the EU will support the position of the government, no questions asked, no mater what fundamental rights of the citizens have been breeched or how many citizens are affected.
  • When acting with the backing of the government, the police forces don’t need to obey the law: the police forces can be as brutal and violent as they want. They will not be held to account, even if they break the national laws or their very own national constitution with their actions.
  • When in a public demonstration, it doesn’t pay to be peaceful: the police forces are allowed to hit, punch, kick, gas, shoot and abuse you in any way they want, therefore, in a public demonstration your best bet is to take protective gear and fight back as no one is going to defend the force of arguments in front of the argument of force.

Since we have no doubt that is not the message the European Commission desires to convey, we urge Dimitris Avramopoulos (Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Commissioner) to reconsider their response to the question from Jasenko Selimovic.

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