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All details about JELANI BOOKER!!! ....he was beat up by the guards while going in and out of a seizure...he is being sexually harassed...the officer is being protected by the warden and the officer has previous charges for sexual harassment...his legs are swole and blue...they are not getting him the proper medical attention that he needs...he is in the hole...now they’re telling him that he has the corona virus and they put him in their with the inmates that have tested positive for the corona virus..he keep having seizures and they are not HELPING HIM he already suffers from seizures.. He broke his wrist and they didn’t give him the proper medical attention so his wrist healed wrong.This is not the first time he has been assaulted by the guards....THIS FAMILY WILL NO LONGER SIT DOWN WE ARE STANDING UP FOR JUSTICE HE IS NOT A MONSTER HE IS A HUMAN BEING AND SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE ONE...WE ARE HIS VOICE AND WE WILL BE HEARD!!!!!!!!! #JUSTICEFORJELANI #SHARE