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Dignity to Kenyan menstruators by ensuring access to sanitary towels. #sustainableperiods #kimmiecarepaddispensersmashinani #kimmiecarepaddispensersofisini

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kimmiecare pad dispensers

Kimmiecare pad dispenser is a product developed by Dial a Pad. The kimmiecare pad dispensers are the first smart pad dispensers in the world that are designed and engineered to help us address menstruation holistically. The smart pad dispensers enable Kenyan menstruators especially girls to get access to free sanitary pads in a dignified and safe manner. Our target is to ensure there are no more sexual favors being exchanged for pads and girls can access free sanitary pads and uninterrupted education. The kimmiecare pad dispensers also collect and disseminate info to the girls with regards to menstrual hygiene like best practices to improve their health and well being. The Kimmiecare pad dispensers will be fitted in public schools, toilets, clinics, dispensaries, offices and market places. Help us empower our girls. #kimmiecarepaddispensersmashinani #kimmiecarepaddispensersofisini  #sustainableperiods

This is a sad state given that Kenya has achieved a lot in terms of gender equity like the two thirds gender rule and the tax free regulation for the sanitary pads a step towards menstrual equity.  We also recently had our president assent the free sanitary pads to school going girls (equalizing the playing field for the girls who would usually skip classes and or not be in school mentally during their periods) which has also put Kenya on the world map for menstruation as a human right. we would also like the Kimmiecare pad dispensers to be fitted in all work places to ensure higher productivity and reduced inequalities in the work place.

The reality is despite all these gains menstruation remains a hindrance to girls achieving quality education and quality health. This situation is being propagated by the fact that menstruation remains a taboo in our communities and the stigma associated with periods. Ignorance of the parents and community has also led to period shaming!

Dial a pad started for this reason and is fully committed to providing holistic,sustainable and home grown solutions to the above menace. Dial a pad champions menstruation as a human right and seeks to empower young girls and women. 

Dial a pad at Kariobangi south primary school empowering girls .

Dial a pad talking about the need for pad dispensers                       

Dial a pad on normalising menstruation

 Dial a pad speaking on the society and how it views menstruation while demistifying periods

We appeal and welcome partnerships in this endeavor to restore dignity to our girls and women. you can also donate to this Paybill number 866077 Kimmies non toxic Enterprises and nominate a school in dire need to be fitted with a Kimmiecare pad dispenser!

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