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Digitize RTOs to kill corruption in licensing raj

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At the outset, if you are reading this, then Thanks... Thanks to your team for bringing it to you rather than burying it in files, to everyone who signed and for believing in the need for Change, And to for making such a wonderful digitised way to bring people together to drive change.

The problem: corruption in pretty much every RTO one goes to in the country- whether it's just a driver's license or a car registration or an ownership transfer. There are open "rates" for every job, segregated by the car model. There is a thriving economy of "RTO Agents" probably a few lacs of them in the country, who give doorstep service from the person to the auto dealer to every babu in the RTO.

The problem is accentuated by the sheer conundrum that its probably amongst the smallest problems and like a mosquito bite gets ignored and we let the rot continue...till it becomes a dengue!

- press does not write about it

- we continue to pay as the amount is small

- the agents do a good job and help us "avoid standing in queue"

- no alternate exists - like say an aadhar verified automated car registration with UPI payment - there is just one route the dealers and driving schools say: Agent 

- the auto dealers, the driving schools et al have their own little 'cut' added and hence the first point of 'sale' actually starts from there for the agent's services !

- the queues are bad and so are conditions at RTOs. One visit ensures you've made up your mind infavour of the agent.

Solution: as i said above the problem is amongst the smallest in India so the solution also cannot be rocket-science. 

1. Will to do it and drive it. The babus will delay files. The agents will go on hunger strike. So we have to have the will to execute the decision and at pace.

2. Understand that digitization is different to computerisation. Computers exist for last decade plus in most RTOs. We need to connect the citizen and the RTO digitally and facelessly. I gave an aadhar authentication example above. Another can be car dealer and GSTN integration for registration fees.

3. Keep it simple - and popularise it. Making a complex app which is slow and hangs, and not advertising its use to the common man is as good as not doing anything.

We welcome action in this regard - true action. Lets not do a tick-box job but true change which eradicates this mosquito forever.

PS: I forgot to mention the trigger to this petition. I was transferring a car to my name after a loan hypothecation closure. The agent quoted a total figure which i assumed was just his fee and actual RTO fee. After a day he called and said the fee is actually different ! I asked why and then he quoted a wrong "rate" and it differs by the car model. I called up another agent and asked the fee for transfer and he asked the car model. On telling him, the quote was exactly the same quote as first agent, so we went ahead. Then thanks to  computerisation, after he did the job, I immediately got an sms of the actual amount of receipt - less than 1/10th of what I paid !! I'm not going to name the agent or the RTO as this is endemic and needs root cause resolution.

I analysed the problem, the sheer small size of it (individually speaking), the lack of drivers to remove it, the lack of voice on this 'small' issue and hence... this petition! 

Sincere regards

Everyone who kindly signed

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