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Make Excalibur Prime Access Available For Consoles!

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This petition is made to show Digital Extremes, Creators of Warframe, roughly how many people would purchase Excalibur Prime Access. If Excalibur Prime Access is valued at estimated $80 USD, the profit could be substantial! Thousands of loyal Warframe users would flock to purchase this item as soon as possible. The number of signatures could give Digital Extremes an estimate of how much they could gross off of selling these highly valued items to console users, who've never had a chance to receive them. The Xbox & PlayStation communies would rejoice, and praise Digital Extremes!

DISCLAIMER: Please only sign this petition if you'd plan on purchasing Excalibur Prime Access.

Let's get this to Digital Extremes! 

Side Note: Many people believe that Digital Extremes is not allowed to re-release Excalibur Prime, Lato Prime and Skana Prime, do to Digital Extremes assuring Founders that the items would not drop in-game. However, Digital Extremes is still fully capable of selling the items straight to the customers.

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