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Construction of digital literacy in rural

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     About 70% Indians live in rural areas.  As per NSS 71st round report, overall 75.7% male and 62% female are literate, in rural India 72.3% Male and 56.8% Females and in Urban India 83.7% male and 74.8% females are literate in the year 2014.     


How students in rural face problems:

The rural students are less likely to participate in schooling, more likely to be absent, less likely to complete the compulsory school years, less likely to complete Year 12 and less likely to participate in tertiary education and training .The most students are children of the poor farm laborers, rural workers, shearers, miners and unemployed this is main doubly disadvantage. 
  1. Because rural areas have been losing population, they have been experiencing declining school enrollment and school closings. When a school does close, teachers and other school employees have lost their jobs, and students have to rather suddenly attend a new school that is usually farther from their home than their former school
  2. Rural populations are generally older than urban populations, as mentioned earlier, and have a greater percentage of retired adults. Therefore, rural areas’ per-capita income and sales tax revenue are lower than that for urban and suburban areas, and this lower revenue makes the funding of public schools more challenging.
  3. Rural families live relatively far from the public schools, and the schools are relatively far from each other. As a result, rural school districts have considerable expenses for transporting children to and from school, after-school athletic events, and other activities.

Finally, it is often difficult to recruit and retain quality teachers in rural areas. This problem has forced some rural school districts to offer hiring bonuses or housing assistance to staff their schools

Solving the problem by Digitization: 

The main objective is to increase social as well as emotional aspects of learning among students in rural area. Students must attract towards education. To ensure young people that they have the character and sense of moral purpose to succeed so that every young person has the opportunity to reach their potential. The educational motto of Govt. must be the Standardization of Education across the Global level. We all have a responsibility to educate the next generation of informed citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said, and instilling in them a love of knowledge and culture for their own sake. But education is also about the practical business of ensuring that young people receive the preparation they need to secure a good job and a fulfilling career, and have the resilience and moral character to overcome challenges and succeed.

==> Implementing digital libraries:-

Implementing one digital libraries for at the most 3 rural villages . So that all the student up to class 12 must attend it atleast 3 time for an hour in a week. Digital library must contain all ebooks, quizzes, video lectures and all possible study resources regarding to higher studies after 12th like AIIMS, IITs, and other professional courses and training.Compulsion must be made for students up to class 12 and as open source for other students preparing for social studies(like UPSC exams). Strict attendance should be made through fingerprint and aadhar number. The purpose to this is that students must get more attracted towards education.

==> Implementing  seminar halls:-

Implementing one digital seminar hall for at the most 3 villages. The digital hall must conducts lectures about further studies like engineering, medical, social services, sports, arts and music and other professional as well as training education as a motivational purpose. The experts from nearby cities must be invited there. The main purpose is to increase social as well as emotional aspects of learning. Compulsion must be made for students up to class 12 and as open source for other students preparing for social studies(like UPSC exams).













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