Condemn/bans 'Ikamba' Song

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A Kikuyu musician has released a song mocking the entire Kamba Community and Kitui Gov Hon Charity Ngilu because of the charcoal ban. In the song he explains how Kambas will eat dogs after the mango season is over.

The Kikuyu song by Isaiah and Waharaka titled "Ikamba" that mocks the Kamba community and castigates Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has so far achieved 24,229 views by today 11:04 Tuesday, 6 March 2018 (EAT) as I start this petition
The song is offensive and distasteful. Its translation and real meaning and objective is to mock one community and deride its members over the ongoing controversy on charcoal burning in Ukambani.

The song is in bad taste as it generalizes the acts of a few individuals to malign and deride a whole community in the foulest language. It's a primitive piece of art that contravenes the provisions of Article 33 of the Constitution on Freedom of Expression and amounts to incitement, violence and hate speech.

We therefore want decisive action to be taken and for all of his channels to be removed from YouTube. [

The song and its contents is disgusting and shouldn't be tolerated. But with the power of the internet I think we can get rid of this hate speech bug once and for all, with your help of signing this petition it could lead to [YouTube] deleting his entire channel!"

We the undersigned of this petition believe that "doing the right thing" should include prohibiting sites that promote hate speech from appearing in Google News