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Digby Jones, choose another place to be ‘Lord’ of

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Digby Jones was a businessman, he was made a peer in 2007 - his official title is Baron Jones of Birmingham, of Alvechurch and of Bromsgrove in the County of Worcestershire but is styled Lord Jones of Birmingham.

We the undersigned think that this is inappropriate as Mr Jones does not reflect or reflect well on the city. For these reasons:

  • Birmingham is a city of over a million people, Digby’s stated views and positions don’t reflect the diverse nature of the place. He represents business interests and an extreme anti-EU position. 
  • Digby does not represent Birmingham in the House of Lords - he has not spoken once in the Lords in the last year, has made no written questions and has voted on less than 5% of votes.  (Source: They Work For You)
  • Parliamentary records show that he has not spoken in a debate since April 2016 — when he asked a question on warships. Since then, he has claimed £15,290 in attendance fees and travel expenses. (Source: FT)
  • He has in fact only  mentioned Birmingham twice since he was ennobled. 
  • He has said that one of his “Two Wishes for ‘18” was for “Remoaners [to] respect democracy” - we would like Mr Jones himself to respect democracy and stop claiming to represent our city. 
  • It seems he’s little more than a self publicist and you might have noticed that we Brummies do not like trumpet blowing.

“It is not just that he appears the walking personification of the spirit of big business at its corporatist worst; it’s the pomposity of his know-all demeanour, the bluff “say what I like, like what I bloody well say” media appearances where he is usually presented as “the voice of business” and the way he just makes one cringe.” Iain Martin, Daily Telegraph

Please Mr Jones, chose another place to be ‘Lord’ of, some suggestions:

  • Just have Alvechurch, or Bromsgrove - don’t be greedy.
  • Chose one suburb of Birmingham, where you're from.
  • Anywhere you like really, but not our city.


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