Dig Up The Well - Help Solve a 50 Year Old Cold Case

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This petition is directed towards 3 key people: Jill Hennessy, Attorney General of Victoria, Mr. Graham Ashton, The Chief Commissioner of Victorian Police and Mr. Ian West, the Deputy State Coroner - and is a call to action to further investigate two previously unexplored sites (or for the necessary documents/permits to be given to approve of a third-party to be able to investigate these sites) where forensic evidence may likely be found that can completely resolve, or help to resolve, Maureen Braddy's and Allan Whyte's disappearances. These sites are the Mungo Mineshaft located closely to the Braddy residence, and the well located on the Braddy premises, which is the most likely place of Maureen's and Allan's burial - given the evidence. 

It was Saturday, the 23rd of November 1968. Allan George Whyte, aged 17, and Maureen Joyce Braddy, aged 16, attended a dance at the YMCA Hall in Mundy Street, Bendigo. Both were expected to return to their respective homes that night - but they were never seen again. To this date, their bodies have not been found.

The two were textbook lovers, and it is apparent Allan was a light in Maureen's life in a time of solace. On the afternoon of the day of the disappearance, a school friend, Jillian, observed Maureen walking around kicking a drink can on the ground of the Long Gully Oval with her hands behind her back. Jillian approached Maureen and noted she had been crying. Shortly after, Allan arrived at the oval and Maureen's 'whole demeanour seemed to lift', saying that if Allan was there, she'd be alright. 

Maureen and Allan disappeared, together, in circumstances that were sudden and unplanned, and completely out of character. Each of them had left their belongings behind. Maureen had left her last pay packet at work, whilst both had left clothing and Allan left his bankbooks and motorcar, which was his pride and joy.

Maureen was consistently described by everyone that knew her as a quiet, reserved, responsible and obedient girl. Maureen wasn't streetwise or adventuresome and didn't have a wide circle of friends or contacts.

To be brief, and to avoid potential legal complications, I will not provide exact details of the case. However;

The prevailing theory supported by family members, relatives and accentuated by accounts provided by neighbours, is that Mr. Braddy, Maureen’s father, is responsible for the deaths of Allan and Maureen. Braddy’s violent history, evasive tactics and general uncaring for his daughter is telling. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence to suggest a murder occurred at the family home, and there was an attempt to suppress it. The believed location of their bodies is inside a well (now) located inside the premises of their family home on Vinton Street.


The day after Maureen’s disappearance, Maureen’s sister, Suzanne, recalled returning home sick from work and noticed her father near the well located next to their house. Suzanne stated, ‘it appeared he was doing something with the concrete surface over the top of the old well.’ Suzanne recalls that he had two rolls of carpet beside him, and when she came back in the house, he pulled something over the top and, essentially, sealed the well.

Several years later, Mr. Braddy built a brick extension over the top of this well. This extension forms the current lounge room of the premises; blocking entrance to the well. Police confirm that a building permit was not obtained to build this extension.

It has now been 50 years since their disappearance, and family members are worried that the case won’t find a close in their lifetime. By opening this well, at the least, many minds will be put at ease - and at best, the case will be solved and those responsible can be identified and brought to justice. Perhaps other pieces of evidence can be found, such as the murder weapon; helping to accelerate the case forward.

Sister Debra MacDonell still sees Maureen standing outside the kitchen on a hot summer’s day, brother Kevin Whyte still looks at a picture of Allan every night before he sleeps and Mrs Ireland is still asking herself everyday what happened to her older sister.

We must act before the effects of time take their toll and the case officially becomes un-solvable. Please, sign this petition and uncover what happened that night on the 23rd of November, 1968.