DiEM25: Democracy, Transparency, Feminism and Assange - an urgent request for change.

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DiEM25 was proudly founded with the stated aim of creating a free, open and democratic Europe. Since then it has developed an explicitly progressive policy platform for Europe.
We feel that there are a number of barriers to DiEM25 achieving this lofty but vital agenda, and we call upon the CC to address them immediately.

As DiEM25 members, we demand action from the Coordinating Collective (CC), taking the following necessary steps:

  1. There must be an all-membership vote on Julian Assange’s indefinite membership of the high-profile unelected Advisory Panel. Although we wholeheartedly support the campaign for his freedom, his continued public contradiction of DiEM25’s aims, disparaging remarks about feminism, documented support for the Trump campaign and apparent support for UKIP and Brexit are completely incompatible with the principled and progressive conduct we expect from DiEM25. His public positions undermine the hard work of DiEM25's grassroots members, and DiEM25 must make a choice: our 'celebrity' status, or our grassroots identity.
  2. All DiEM25 source code must be made available under an open source licence. We simply cannot preach transparency and yet keep secret the most fundamental components of our internet presence. DiEM25’s source code should be stored under its own open source repository, such as GitHub, for example. 
  3. DiEM25 must create a process by which all members can voice their concerns and have them addressed. If supported by enough members, a ‘motion’ should be able to go to a vote and be addressed. 
  4. ALL coordinating collective conversations, email threads and meetings must take place in the open. They must be published openly on DiEM25’s website for all to see. Currently all CC meetings are held in closed sessions, this too is incompatible with our stated aims and goals for a free and democratic Europe.

Once these steps have been taken, we can truly say 'Carpe DiEM'!

Petition initiated by:

Ben Hall, Brighton & Hove DSC

Jean Franco, London DSC



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