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Shall DiEM25 allow for non local DSCs? A question for DiEM 25 members only

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What are non-local DSC?
Non-local DSCs are spontaneous collectives of DiEM25 members that are concerned about a specific topic and/but are not able to meet locally and thus resort to technology to discuss those topics and take action on them.

Why do we need Non-local Networked DSCs?
DiEM25’s goal is to democratize the European Union and to reform the European economic system.

The lack of a common public sphere is one of the main reasons for the current dysfunction of the EU. Political debate is still national, so persons and groups in different European countries cannot discuss common problems together and organize to solve them. In order to build a more democratic Europe, DiEM must be able to give a space for people and groups across Europe to deliberate on common matters together.

In our opinion the internal discussion forum needs improvement and could be complemented by the existence of non-local DSCs. We propose that DiEM members should be allowed to create online networking hubs / DSCs across Europe – so that they can discuss issues that matter to them but find no echo in local/surrounding realities.

The proposal for Non-local Network DSCs is also meant to strengthen grassroots democracy in DiEM by giving the grassroots more control over the policy processes.

The case for allowing non-local DSCs:
In DiEM’s organizing principles, there is no specific dispositions forbidding DSCs from organizing online. According to the OP DSCs are indeed thought as mostly local (“DSCs are best suited for people who live reasonably close to one another”) but there is nothing forbidding its online spontaneity. In fact, there is a mention to this possibility – DCS are supposed to think of ways for their meetings to “make participants leave the (physical or digital) room feeling enthused rather than alienated”

DSCs are also “self-governing, with no need to validate their actions from the CC”. and are expected to develop policy proposals to be submitted to the Forum or even to the CC.

Amendment to the OP: Non-local Network DSCS
DiEM25 should allow for Non-local Network DSCs.
Non-local Network DSCs offer DiEM members a forum for pan-European policy debate on their topics. The Non-Local Network DSCs are open for all DiEM members and usually deal with transversal topics, common to the entire membership (gender, transparency, internal democratic procedures, Human Rights and Immigration etc).

The CC member responsible for coordinating a specific policy area (e.g. Human Rights) shall be invited to become a member of the corresponding Non-Local Network DSC.

Non-local DSCs shall be allowed to take part in all discussions and activities which fall within the objectives and aims of DiEM25.

Non-Local DSCs should have the same rights as other DSCs, including the right to propose policies and sets of policy alternatives for a membership vote.

The CC and DiEM coordinators should support the work of the Non-Local Network DSCs in the same way they support the work of regular DSCs.


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