Petition Update

Almost 400 and the numbers have only started to rise!

Mike Raven
Newmarket, NH

May 20, 2012 — Thank you to everyone who has signed so far!

As you continue to share this with friends, I'll give this thought. One of the most prevalent arguments so far for NOT signing it has been, "it's too small, we need to think bigger! AND THEN when all is right in the world, let's get the definition corrected."

But YOU SIGNED IT, because you believe that there can be incredible strength in smaller, simpler actions.

The very people who would like to see this petition fail (probably) believe that Goliath was defeated by David with a single rock. So, let this be our rock. A rock that comes from the foundation of THEIR argument that marriage IS defined as one man-one woman. Because CURRENTLY, THEY'RE RIGHT. But when we correct the injustice of that definition, in a country that separates church and state, we can change the conversation. We can toss aside their arguments and make the big changes we all want to see.

Once again, thank you so much for your support!

Mike Raven