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Museveni MUST RESIGN: Ugandans Reject Life-Presideny Even without 102 (b)

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Today December 20, 2017 is a historic day for Uganda. Shame for Members of Parliament, but opportunity for ordinary Ugandans.

Members of Parliament had a chance to vote against dictatorship by blocking the bill that paves the way to remove the age-ceiling of 75 for presidential candidates from advancing.

They did not. 317 National Resistance Movement (NRM) Members of Parliament voted against the people of Uganda by endorsing the Museveni-desired measure to fulfill his life-presidency agenda; 97 Members of Parliament (the opposition and some NRM) opposed.

But the more important VOTE was the one by ordinary Ugandans when 85% in a survey rejected the plans by Museveni to desecrate the constitution. This means about 9 out of every 10 Ugandans want Museveni gone.

That is why he MUST RESIGN.

Museveni and 317 NRM Members of Parliament (MPs) cannot usurp the will of the people --32 million as gauged by the 85% survey-- and prolong dictatorship by desecrating the constitution. The Economist Magazine reported that some MPs were paid a $10,000 bribe.

The 75 years age-ceiling was the only protection Ugandans had left against life-time dictatorship and one-family Kleptocract similar to the late Mobutu's shameful regime.

This is because in 2005 Gen. Museveni desecrated Uganda's constitution for the first time when he bribed and intimidated by treats of death 220 Members of Parliament to remove the presidential two-term limit.

The dictator defied even his closest friend and political compatriot Eriya Kategaya who warned him against it. He ignored all counsel and forced the removal of Article 105 (2). Attorney General Francis Ayume who opposed the move died in a suspicious car crash.

So now that Museveni has completely destroyed the constitution as the guarantor against despotism Ugandans have only one thing to fall back on: their unity in opposing Museveni life-presidency.

Ugandans throughout the country have rallied around #Togikwatako in red bandannas and clothes in record numbers.

The campaign to end dictatorship must continue.

Ugandans will organize multiple and various campaigns and use all strategies allowed by Ugandan and international law to resist dictatorial unconstitutional regimes.

Parliament ignored the opportunity to secure peaceful presidential transition for the first time since Uganda's 1962 independence. The names of those 317 are forever stained with shame and infamy.

They will bear responsibility for any unforseable and forseable consewuences of squandering this opportunity for future peaceful transition.

Uganda has not know prolonged peace since independence because all leaders wanted to monopolize power.

Now, the overwhelming majority of Ugandans as confirmed in the survey where 85% rejected Gen. Museveni want to: end tyranny; they want to end massacres like Kasese, Kayunga, Mukura, Arua, Gulu, Karamoja, Luwero, Mengo, and elswhere--no more MASSACRES regardless of who is in power; they want to create jobs for the 85% unemployed youth; they want a president who is not a serial liar; they want hospitals with doctors and medicines not where dead bodies rot on beds for three days; and, they want for the first time a peaceful transition of power since Uganda's independence in 1962.

In 1986 when Museveni seized power he promised to rule for no more than 10 years and condemned African dictators who hold on to power while failing to produce a needle.

Instead, he has imposed 32-years of tyranny on Uganda.

Barely two years ago Museveni lied on national TV that he wouldn't pursue presidency at age 75.

The people will no longer accept such betrayals from a dictator who holds them in contempt. They remain united until the dictator falls.


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