Honoring Legacy Watkins' Degree

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Our daughter, Legacy Watkins, passed away on 2/23/2017, while she was studying abroad, in Cameroon, Africa, for her school, Dickinson College. She was finishing up her last semester in her Junior year at Dickinson, but her life journey was suddenly cut short.

All of Legacy's life, she dedicated to learning, teaching, and helping others in anyway she can. Growing up in Trenton, NJ, while other kids were running and playing in the streets, she was focused on her school work, or always reading books, or helping her friends. Not because she had to or because it was expected of her. It was out of her passion for learning and her love for education. There was nothing else she loved more, outside of her family and friends.

She excelled in school on her own accord, never getting a C or lower. She remained on honor roll her entire academic life. All, while still involving herself in community service activities, cheerleading, step team, mentoring programs, tutoring, Top Teens, SEEDS Program, NAUW Debutantes, etc. She even founded Keep Hope a non-profit community service program at Dickinson College.

With her academic and community achievements, she had an ample number of schools to choose from. But she was adamant, no matter what anyone else suggested, about becoming an alumn at Dickinson College. She loved her school, all she would talk about is Dickinson, what they had to offer, what she is doing there, participating in all the events she could. Of all the schools, she could have decided on, Dickinson College, was her dream school. She bled Dickinson.

This is where the troubling factor comes. Since Legacy, first attended Dickinson, all she could talk about is walking across that stage and receiving that Dickinson degree, graduating with her class. She would dream of that day, and she worked hard to see that day, but as was stated in the beginning, her life was cut short, while studying abroad, for her school. She passed on the way to meet with her classmates.

Despite all the hard work, sacrifices, and service she put into her education and her school they refuse to honor her with the degree in African Studies that she worked the life she had for, because it is not school policy. Not only has she left a legacy in her city, and even in Yaounde, Cameroon, she has left a Legacy at Dickinson College. Yet, they will still let her academic excellence, community service, relentless efforts go in vain. 

In point, we ask all of you; all of her family, all of her friends, all her supporters to help us in petitioning her school, Dickinson College, in changing this policy, and plead for Dickinson to allow Legacy to graduate with her class and award her an Honorary Undergraduate Degree in African Studies, for all the she has done and all that they know, she would have done. 

Please help by sharing and signing this petition and sending a message to Dickinson of why Legacy deserves this honor. She has had such a tremendous impact and has changed so many lives in just her 20 years, and we ask that you help make a change for the life she lived. Help us change this policy and request Dickinson to honor Legacy with the degree that she gave her life for.

Thank You