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Increase taxes spent on stem cell research

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Why is this a pressing topic? Only a few months ago on January 24th, scientists injected pig embryos with 3 to 10 human cells and implanted them to grow. After 3 weeks, 186 embryos were removed and there were about a million human cells. In the grand scheme that is no enough for the pig to develop with human qualities, but it is enough for a stem cell transplant if replicated. Placing human cells in animals could help find how some genetic diseases develop, help screen potential drugs, and provide the possibility to grow organs for transplant. Stem cell research could save lives.

This poses the question of why are we progressing so slowly into a field developed almost 40 years ago. Ethical questions of many opposed play a role in the verbal debate, but their disagreement has stopped much of our tax money from flooding this crucial field. In 1995 the Dickey amendment prevented federal funding for any research in which human embryos are created or destroyed. Bush and Obama have loosened the guidelines but there is no telling what President Trump will do. The pig embryo research was solely payed for by private foundations―currently 208 million dollars a year―but the government should allocate more money into this research. With costs for healthcare through the roof and an ever-growing organ donor list. We need stem cell research as a society. The government should allocate more money towards stem cell research because it could majorly cut back health care costs and cure diseases.


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