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Protect the millions of young girls who use your site daily. #saynotothinspo

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‘Thinspiration’ or as it’s better known #thinspo is a common tag on a range of different social media sites e.g. Instagram,Tumblr and Pinterest. Young impressionable people are drawn into sharing anti-recovery techniques for eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia by furthering the use of #proana and #promia and even #bonespo. This community toxically encourages each other to lose weight in a dangerous way as well as discouraging each other from seeking treatment, following a healthy lifestyle, turning friends and family into the enemy. 

As a young woman myself, I have witnessed the damage that these hashtags can do. Personally, i have friends who have relapsed back into their eating disorder, going from a healthy mind state to unhealthy. I feel the online community does not realise the extent that these digital images have been altered which leads to young girls setting unrealistic goals. Their access to these sites coupled with certain situations leads them to form an addiction to these hashtags which don't offer relevant support.  

I on behalf of team @Realspouk would like to create awareness about this issue, for too long we have experienced the media ignoring the detrimental effects of eating disorders on the lives of young girls.

Twitter has a duty to their service users to both protect and shield them from this destructive community. Jack Dorsey, the new CEO of Twitter, was quoted as saying 'I am here to serve all the people and organisations that use Twitter'. So let's ensure he fulfils this promise not for the safety but for the wellbeing of the millions of young girls who use his site daily. As in his words 'that’s what you should all hold me accountable to'. 

Your signature on this petition is the first step towards Twitter improving the social media platform as a whole. 

I know eating disorders are not a choice. It’s unrealistic to ask for this type of material to be censored or banned on social media sites. However I would love Twitter to follow the lead of other social networking sites and have a warning plus support lines linked when searching for the hash tag to offer the help that is so vitally needed. I believe Twitter has a responsibility for the online community and needs to offer help

I hope you realise the change you can so easily make. 


Thank you, 
Meg Price on behalf of @Realspouk

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