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Remove the time limit on frontlines.

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Frontlines, the gamemode added in the 'They Shall not Pass DLC,' in my opinion, and many others is the best currently in the game. This was partially down to unlimited time and ticket count, and the ability for it to go on for literally hours.

I felt this gamemode, with the length of some of the games, was the closest experience to real World War 1 we will get. The constant moving back and forth, arriving at battlegrounds littered with the debris from the fight here forty minutes ago, the time spent locked in the same area, with neither team able to push forward, the trench warfare and reliance on teamwork. Adding a time limit will remove one huge section of this enjoy-ability and drastically change the others to a point where I can't see myself going back to play this much more.

I understand it isn't as easy as a single line of code being removed and that removing the time limit will take a lot of work, but at the heart of every aspect of computing is problem solving. Here is a problem, let's solve it. 

I also understand that not every player will see this as a problem. My time spent on forums for the game has made it clear that a number of players would prefer the time limit on. My suggestion is to simply have an option for the time limit, either in custom rented servers or in the UI, like the option for 64 or 40 player matches of operations.

After all the amazing work Dice have done appeasing the fans of this incredible game, I hope they can add this to the list of fixes and the list of reasons why I believe this is the best first person shooter ever made. Thank you.

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