Remove Scope Glint from Marksman and Patrol weapon variants.

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This change should be reverted.

There is no reason to pick Marksman weapons over sniper weapons now. Most Marksman players use 4x zoom and there isn’t much difference from the 5x zoom on Sniper variants.  Furthermore the auto rotation  favours infantry and Carbine rifles which are being spammed now. When you scope in, your glint is seen across the map and you can be counter sniped/suppressed by LMGs and SLRs as well (which get no glint on their scopes). Quickscoping with a controller on console is not as easy as it is on PC with a mouse. The weapon balance was perfect post TTK 2.0 wherein snipers could challenge other players but other players could kill them well. The scope glint change hurts those who play the objective more than those who camp because campers camp with high powered scopes and always have glint whereas those who try to PTFO have their positions given away thanks to the glint as soon they try to aim. Target acquisition is difficult as the second you scope in, you get fired upon from 9 different directions and affected by the suppression. Plus all the glint detracts from the beauty of the game and it is extremely distracting. This change has come far too late in the game’s lifecycle and is completely unnecessary at this point as it just detracts from a person’s enjoyment of the game.