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No Impeachment of President Donald Trump

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No Impeachment for President Donald John Trump 

It is plain and simple.  Those who did not vote for President Trump want him impeached.  They don’t care what he says or what he does or what he tries to do for all Americans.  They just want him gone!  It sounds crazy doesn’t it.  Why would you not respect the office and the man who is trying to do what is truly best for all the people, even the ones who did not vote for him?

I have never seen, read or heard of such hate since my Savior, Jesus Christ walked this earth. Although, I did not personally see all the vile and horrendous things people did to Jesus, I have a very visible picture from the Bible and from historians during that time.  Jesus knew what he was getting into and chose to endure and lay His life down.  I’m not sure that President Donald John Trump really knew what he was getting into.  Why?  Because I don’t believe anyone knew how corrupt our government was in 2016. Praise God, the President continues to persevere because he loves America and desires to Make Her Great Again!

No man and no man’s family should have to endure the hate and vicious attacks they get every day from the Democrats, the Republicans (RINOs), the media and Americans.  Especially when all he is doing is working hard to put citizens of America first.  Something that has not been done for decades.

President Trump is a complicated, compassionate and shrew businessman who likes to win.  In fact, I doubt very seriously that he enjoys losing, ever! Personally, that is who I want as my President.  It does not hurt that he is a successful business man worth billions, well-educated and well connected before the elections. This man and his family have sacrificed a great deal already.  In fact, they have stepped down from a life of status, luxury and influence into the thick of corruption, craziness and utter chaos.

He is not a seasoned politician.  I like that.  His allegiance is not to any political party, special interest group or foreign entity.  His loyalty is to the American people and to this country, the land of the free.  At least it used to be.

He has his priorities RIGHT. They are free enterprise, a strong military, citizens first and a government that is not intrusive in our lives. President Trump has proven in his many business successes, he can get things done. He has a keen understanding of people and finances.  His actions speak volumes and he wrote the book on making deals. He has the skills that past Presidents did not have and he will use his ability to negotiate and navigate complex deals with an assortment of industries, business, and investors to achieve goals that will benefit you and me.

So, what’s the problem and why does half of America want to Impeach him?  He speaks the TRUTH!  He does not pull punches, he comes out fighting.  Personally, give me a fighter rather than a President that will bow to our enemies and show submission and weakness.  He is not politically correct.  He is not afraid to state his peace to your face and if that does not work he will tweet you and the world. LOL

Our President Trump has already done more for this country than any President since President Ronald Reagan.  He has awakened the silent majority and they are ready to vote, defend and fight for our freedom, our country, our flag and our God. If he does not do another thing, he has done America a great service by awaking the masses who had become complacent, lethargic and wanted to be left alone.

The way I view what is going on in America is this. We the People have been doormats to our 3 branches of government for decades.   They have taken advantage of the working class of America. These elected officials have increased their wealth and influence off the sweat and backs of American citizens.  They have worked hard to enslave us while they vote themselves raises and lifetime salaries, make laws that affect us but not them or their staffers, made deals with the devil to enrich their pocket books, weaken our military and handcuff our soldiers their families and veterans and stifled the dreams of American Citizens.

We have no one to blame but ourselves.  We have allowed this.  We just wanted to have good employment, provide for our families, educate our children and be left alone!  So, we retreated into our homes, on our couches watching and reading propaganda from the fake media, Hollywood and our government, believing they were doing what is best for us.  We didn’t want to face the facts that actions speak louder.  And their actions were speaking volumes. But, we did not want to believe it!  They, the people we trusted, elected were bleeding us dry of our dreams, our finances, our morals, our country and removing our God.

Our battle cry is “No More!”  We the People have spoken at the ballot box.  We woke up and we came out in masses to proclaim, no more will we be your doormat. No more will you rob our children of their rightful inheritance to a Great America.  It is time that our elected officials become equal with us.  That they serve at the pleasure of the People and not their own common interest and good.

We elected President Donald John Trump and you will NOT impeach our President.  We the People will hold you all accountable and the following are solutions for now.

1.       Sign this petition

2.       Send it out in mass to every social media you know

3.       Find out who your representatives are and call them weekly and state “No Impeachment” protect, support and stand with our President. Call, email and send letter even if it just reads “No Impeachment”. Let’s inundate them.

4.       After signing this petition commit and do it!  Pray for President Trump, other elected officials and their families.

5.       Start October 20, 2017 and the 20th of every month there after– send President Trump a card of thanking he and his family for the sacrifices they make daily to Make America Great Again!  Start now looking for cards.   You can go to Dollar Tree and spend 50 cents. 

6.         And finally, if our elected officials do not adhere to their campaign promises, then work  with a grassroots organization or start one and VOTE them out of office. 

My fellow patriots, we can NOT lose this battle.  It is for us, our children, and their children and all generations going forward.  We are the country everyone wants to come to, but We the People are the backbone and we should be first as our President has stated.  We the People fund America.  Without us, they are nothing.  Do not be the generation that loses our freedom and allows enslavement. We need to demand that our President has the assistance and the votes he needs to fulfill his promises. Come 2018 if those up for re-election have not done so, then they need to be voted out of office.  

No Impeachment for President Donald Trump!


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