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Diane Tran (Willis High School, Texas): I would like to ask Judge Lanny Moriarty to dismiss Diane Tran

The point is Diane Tran did not intend to commit of missinf her class but rather she only miss her class because she must work two jobs to support her sibling. She has to take a role of the father and the mother. On the other point, she has an economic hardship. In my opinion, Judge Moriarty should in encourage her in lieu of put her in jail. Judge Moriarty could choose to have her to do make up for her attendance. Put her in jail, it is going to effect her future because of her jail time record. I would ask Judge Moriarty to withdraw his judgement and dismiss her case and also clear her name and record. Judge Moriarty's cooperation and consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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  • Diane Tran (Willis High School, Texas)

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