Don't Turn the Peterborough Fountain Off!

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Peterborough City Council wants to only have the Peterborough Centennial fountain operating between Canada Day and Labour Day in an effort to effect Climate change.

I get it's not much... but it's ours... and our taxes pay for's one of the last parts of the spirit this town used to have. Now the people in charge of our city call the centennial fountain an "Energy suck"

The money for that fountain was raise by a doctor and a group of proud citizens of Peterborough in the 60's, by going door to door asking the citizens of Peterborough for donations. That fountain was paid for by the people of Peterborough for the People of Peterborough! It's part of our heritage!

In a town that's so concerned about "heritage" buildings. How they would ever think this would be a popular Idea is beyond me? But I'm not going to let it happen!

Turning that fountain off is like not having a skating rink at the lift locks or outlawing tobogganing down Armour Hill or closing the bars on head of Trent weekend. Keeping that fountain off to effect climate change, is like saying we should close the zoo because of the Methane from the Camel poop!

Keeping that fountain off will only help further diminish the spirit that Peterborough used to have. Don't you want to see that fountain on while enjoying a free live concert by the lake?

So please join me in keeping what's left of spirit of Peterborough.

The Fountain is as much a part of Peterborough as the Lift Locks, the Pete's, the Water Tower and the zoo. It's what helps make Peterborough a great place to live. Keeping it off would only help destroy the already diminishing spirit this beautiful city once had.