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Sterilize Parents that lose more than 2 Children to Dept of Children & Familes in USA

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As a grandparent raising my grandchildren this is a very important matter to me.  I am currently raising 3 young grandchildren one 4 and one 2,  and then I am blessed to be the caregiver of another beautiful 4 month old grand daughter .  I enjoy having my grandchildren and love them very much, although my concern is when is it enough before the government steps in and stops these types of donors from producing more children.  I honestly believe that if a person loses more than 2 children to the state due to neglect or abuse the government should be able to step in and have them sterilized for time being.  In other words have moms procedure done as a Tubal Ligation that can be reversed or even the Contraceptive implant that can be taken out when she is proven to better herself.  As far as the father a Vasectomy is completely reversible. I am not saying to make it a permanent option, just to take care of the problem before it does get worse.  I do not think that an individual should be able to have more than 2 children taken away from by Department of Children and Families and be able to continue to have more children for the state to be responsible for. It would not only stop some of the abuse but also help out with the state funding problems.  Saying it is not humane for this type of procedure to be done to the bio parents is ludicrous.  But having these children grow up without their parents, or being abused or addicted to drugs is alright.  We as a society need to take action.  There are more grandparents raising grandchildren for nonsense then for uncountable circumstances.  Below is a link the the Childrens Bureau for the correct counts. 

Number in foster care on September 30 of the FY 2015 = 427,910

Number entered foster care during FY 2015 = 269,509

It does not show  Siblings but I am sure the number is high.  If we can prevent just 1/4 of this how much better would things be. Don't get me wrong like I said I love my grandchildren and would do anything for them - even go broke.  I just believe there is a way to stop a lot of this from happening. 

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